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Trauma (lightbulb)

The Lightbulb Course is the first intervention offered to people who have experienced a trauma and who continue to experience symptoms after this frightening event. These symptoms may include avoidance, nightmares, difficulty concentrating and intrusive thoughts and images.

This is a 10-week educational group based on Cognitive Behavioural Therapy principles and techniques to help overcome symptoms of trauma. The course is based on the here and now. People attending are discouraged from talking about or disclosed details of their personal trauma as this maybe upsetting for them or others. The weekly sessions alternate between a group session looking at information and techniques, with a short 1:1 phone call between weeks to focus on how your are managing to utilise skills learnt in the course 

Time: Thursday 13:00- 15:00

Duration: 10 weeks

To note an interest in attending this course please contact us on 0141 232 2555.

Visit our 'Lighbulb' Self-help page for other resources.

Please download these workbooks to use alongside the virtual group:


Book our 'Light bulb' virtual course:

If you have a GP within the South of Glasgow you can call us to enquire about booking this course. If you are outside of the catchment area we hope that you can utilise our website and that our self-help resources are informative, interesting and useful for you.

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