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Your mental health influences how you think, feel, and behave in daily life. Research shows that learning new skills can also improve your mental wellbeing. See for yourself, use the following resources to learn more about your mental health, it could be the best decision you've ever made. 

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We all face difficult decisions and problems in our daily lives. Some problems are small, whilst others can require some significant effort and time to work through and sort out. Problem solving is a skill you can develop.


Learn how to recognise and challenge your negative thought patterns one step at a time. This will help you come up with a more balanced or rational view.

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Understanding more about your thinking style. This is an important aspect of recovery. We have put together a list of thinking styles that are identified in CBT as being unhelpful. Do you recognise any?


The the way we think (our cognitions) and what we do (our behaviour) affects how we feel. If we want to change the way we feel then we will need to make changes to the way we think and how we behave.

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Mindfulness is a way of paying attention to the present moment. It helps us become more aware of our thoughts and feelings so that, instead of being overwhelmed by them, we’re better able to manage them.

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One of the key factors that contributes to mental health issues is having an unhealthy lifestyle. Unhealthy lifestyles do not only provide physical effects but also mental ones.

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Communication is a key ingredient in mental health recovery. Mental distress can affect communication, so there are times when it can be much harder to find the words – even for articulate people.

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Relaxation and breathing exercises which you can do anywhere to help clear your mind, reduce stress, and improve your mental health. Build your knowledge and start practicing.

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