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Sleepio is a sleep improvement program based on CBT.
Over the course of six sessions, a virtual sleep expert will teach you evidence-based cognitive and behavioural skills to tackle even the most stubborn of sleep problems.

Feeling stuck in your head?

Daylight is your expert guide through worry and anxiety.
Learn proven tools and techniques to get out of your head, face difficult emotions, and be more present for the good stuff.

SilverCloud is a website with courses you can do to improve your mental wellbeing. Take the wellbeing quiz to find which course is most suitable for you.
When you go into the SilverCloud site for the first time, enter the access code NHS24.

For more Cognitive Behavioural Therapy App recommendations we recommend visiting the Get Self Help website.

These days so many of us use apps in our everyday life for anything from shopping to entertainment to travel, but have you considered using them to look after your wellbeing and mental health?

There are now more and more apps out there that can help with anything from managing your general wellbeing to those for more specific health concerns. Listed below are some apps to get you started. Whilst these apps can be useful, they are not a replacement for seeking medical advice if you have concerns about any symptoms you are experiencing.

Mental Health Apps

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Learn more about various mental health problems. Resources have been prepared by qualified and experienced clinicians.

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Start learning for free, even if you are not in our catchment area you can use these pre-recorded courses.



Relaxation can help both your physical and mental health. Learn to relieve stress and use our relaxation resources.

Top Tip Cards


Our top tips will help you identify ways to improve your mental health. These top tips are easy to understand.


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