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video courses

For each of these pre-recorded courses we would recommend you complete one session per week.  There are also accompanying workbooks available to download.

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This is a 6 week course designed to help you with problematic anxiety. The course equips you with information and anxiety management strategies based on the principles of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT). This teaches you some powerful skills that can help get you back in control of your life. 


Mood Matters is a 6 week course designed to help you with problems around low mood, low confidence and depression. You will learn a lot more about these very common problems and why they affect you in the way they do. These powerful skills can help get you back in control of your life. 

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This 6 week course will help you understand what causes low self-esteem and identify how low self- esteem impacts on your mood and what you do. You can then develop skills to help increase self- esteem and confidence in everyday situations.


This 6 week course provides information about why you lose your temper and what you can do to take control of it. Do you often lose your temper? Are you wound up easily? Is your temper a problem at home or work? If so, our free 6-week group could help. 

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This 5 week course provides information about sleep and can help you to understand, and measure your own sleep pattern. You will learn techniques on how to deal with things that stop you getting to sleep. This course will provide you with practical ways of improving the quantity and quality of your sleep and help you to develop a healthy, regular sleep pattern.


Sleepio is a fully automated digital sleep improvement program based on CBT. Over the course of six sessions, a virtual sleep expert -- The Prof -- will teach you evidence-based cognitive and behavioural skills to tackle even the most stubborn of sleep problems. The course is free in Scotland and has been proven to work.


Learn more about various mental health problems. Resources have been prepared by qualified and experienced clinicians.

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Start learning for free, even if you are not in our catchment area you can use these resources to learn more.


Relaxation can help both your physical and mental health. Learn to relieve stress and use our relaxation resources.


Our top tips will help you identify ways to improve your mental health. These top tips are easy to understand.

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