Agoraphobia SELF-HELP

 Agoraphobia is where a person has developed a fear or being in situations where they feel unable to escape or that help will not be available if something goes wrong. Situations may include; leaving the house, being alone, being in crowded places, being in enclosed spaces such as an elevator or public transport. Symptoms of agoraphobia may include panic and anxiety, avoidance, difficulty concentrating and intrusive thoughts and images. 

 Our experienced clinicians have prepared the resources below - to help you work towards a better you for a brighter tomorrow!


Listen to our information guide on Agoraphobia and how it can affect your thoughts, feelings and behaviour.



Panic Attacks

sELF-hELP workbook

Panic is a common symptom of Agoraphobia. You can use this Self-Help booklet to work through what panic is, how it affects you, and what you can do to help yourself.

info sheet

Read our information guide on Agoraphobia and how it can affect your thoughts, feelings and behaviour.


Try our relaxation audio. Learning these techniques can 
help you to relax, and help with the impacts of panic on the body.

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Panic is a common symptom of Agoraphobia. Take a brief moment to read our tip card on dealing with panic attacks.


Your mental health influences how you think, feel, and behave in daily life. Research shows that learning new skills can also improve your mental wellbeing. See for yourself, use the following resources to learn more about your mental health, it could be the best decision you've ever made. 

Useful Links


Heads Up was developed by colleagues in mental health and includes information about services across NHSGGC. It also provides information about common mental health conditions, what the experience may feel like and about ways to cope.


Provided by the NHS MoodZone offers information on stress, anxiety and depression through: tips and advice to boost mental health, self-help treatments, audio guides and a mood self-assessment questionnaire that helps to pin point the available resources best for you.

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A range of content designed to give you more information about mental health and to help you to look after your mental health. They have podcasts, videos, inspiring stories and information about getting help if you're struggling.