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Improving Self-Esteem virtual course

If you have a GP within the South of Glasgow you can contact us to note your interest in this course. If you are outside of the catchment area we hope that you can utilise our website and that our self-help resources are informative, interesting and useful for you.

IMPROVING self-esteem

More Resources
Visit our 'Improving Self-Esteem' Self-help page for more resources:

Improving Self-Esteem is an 8-week course that helps you to feel more confident about yourself in everyday situations. The course will help you to: Understand what causes low self- esteem and low confidence, notice how low self- esteem impacts on your mood and what you do, develop skills to help increase self- esteem and self confidence in everyday situations and plan for useful change and future goals.

This course is not open to self-referral. We encourage new clients to consider booking onto our
'No Hard Feelings' course which is an evidence-based group aimed at managing a wide variety of mental health issues including anxiety and depression. If you have any questions about this course or are unsure about finding the right support, please get in touch with us on 0141 232 2555.

Please download these workbooks to use alongside the virtual group:


This scale consists of ten statements that could possibly apply to you. You simply rate on how much you agree with each. The items should be answered quickly without overthinking, your first inclination is what you should put down.

When you fill in the questionnaire note down your score.  This is particularly useful information to know as it helps to measure progress. 

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