Controlling your temper

Do you often lose your temper? Are you wound up by the least wee thing? Is your temper a problem at home or work? If this sounds like you, our free 6-week group could help. 

Learn more about why you lose your temper and what you can do to take control of it.

Time: Thursday 1pm-3pm
Duration: 6 weeks


Please download these workbooks to use alongside the virtual group:

Workbook 1

Workbook 2


Workbook 3

Workbook 4

Workbook 5

Workbook 6

More Resources

Visit our 'Controlling Your Temper' Self-help page for more resources:


If you have a GP within the South of Glasgow you can use any of our services and book online for any of our courses. If you are outside of the catchment area we hope that you can utilise our website and that our self-help resources are informative, interesting and useful for you.

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