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Binge Eating

Overcoming binge eating is a 16-week programme with 8 virtual group sessions lasting approximately 2 hours, and 8 individual sessions consisting of a 15-minute telephone call to review your understanding and progress. These sessions alternate with a group one week and a call the next. This course is designed to help you with problems of binge eating and associated mood difficulties . You will learn a lot more about these common problems and why they affect you the way they do. 

  Overcoming binge eating will teach you evidence based strategies/skills that will help you identify, challenge and overcome your difficulties and in turn enhance your quality of life.

Time: Tuesday 1:00pm - 3:00pm
Duration: 16 weeks

Please download these workbooks to use alongside the virtual group:

More Resources

Visit our 'Binge Eating' Self-help page for more resources:


Although many individuals recover from psychological distress by engaging solely with self-help materials, some experience debilitating and prolonged distress.

We are excited to offer those with a G.P. registered in the South of Glasgow the opportunity to self-refer to our 16-week programme 'No Hard Feelings - Feel It, Face It, Thrive'. This programme is designed to target symptoms relating to a wide-range of mental health problems.  It is not uncommon to experience different types of anxiety at the same time, for example, health anxiety and generalised anxiety. Other conditions that may co-occur include panic, social anxiety, OCD, anger and binge eating. This group can be applied to a range of different problems, and with that there is no need to treat each difficulty in isolation.

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