Increasing Your Activity

We know that when our mood is low, we often stop doing the things we enjoy, and the things that make us feel good! In turn this can make our mood worse.

By increasing our activity levels our mood will soon start to increase too!

It can be hard to do things when you aren't feeling great. But once you get started, you'll soon feel motivated to do more and more! We call this ACTION BEFORE MOTIVATION.

Below are some resources designed by our clinicians to help you get started with increasing your activity levels. They have been created to use in order but feel free to have an explore!

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Read this information sheet on what Behavioural Activation is and how it can help you.

Then use the sheets on this page to give it a go!



Here you can find out more about behavioural activation. This video introduces ‘behavioural activation’, a psychological therapy which can be used to treat depression.



Take a quick look at our top tips to help you to learn ways to manage depression and techniques that can help lift your mood.

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Left unsolved, a small problem can become a big problem. Watch our video to learn how to deal more effectively with stressors in your life.

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Use the worksheets below to identify how you can start to improve your mood by doing more. When you complete the worksheets reflect and and identify: What did you notice about your mood when you tried to increase your activity level? Did you find any interesting new activities? Have you got more routine in your week? Did you notice a sense of achievement? Did you try some fun things?

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Identifying Unhelpful


Scheduling in

Identifying Personal

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 Committing to

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People Make Glasgow is a great website with up to date information on things to do in and around Glasgow. The website also has a 'what's on' section where you can filter events by price, date and category.


There's no one-size-fits-all approach to self-care but learning to incorporate the strategies below can help to promote  your physical, mental, and emotional health. 

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Activity scheduling helps you focus on increasing activities you enjoy and those that give you a sense of achievement, which in turn helps to to boost your mood. Once you have this insight, you can schedule in activities that bring you more joy or achievement.